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At the reception of the hotel complex & SPA “Old Town” You can book excursions to the sights of the Ryazan region.
Excursions for Guests of the hotel complex "Old Town".

Walking sightseeing tour of Ryazan “Nice to meet you.”

Walk through the historical part of the city: pl. Sobornaya, st. Sobornaya, pl. Lenina, st. Postal, Kremlin. 
You will learn the history of the city of Ryazan. Get acquainted with the main attractions of the historical center, as well as famous people who were born or lived in Ryazan.

Duration 2/2.5 hours.

Walking tour “Several love stories.”

A walk through the historical part of the city, where you will get acquainted with the romantic life of famous people who lived in the city of Ryazan. Where they lived, how they met and what connected them with each other.

Duration 2/2.5 hours.

Walking tour “Houses” about architecture.

You will get acquainted with the origin of wooden architecture of the provincial Ryazan, architectural styles and the people who lived in these houses:
- House of Ryaz. Merchant Selivanov,
- House of the City Mayor,
- Summer Club of the Noble Assembly,
- Home of an Alaskan explorer.

Duration 2 hours.

The Historical salon “Fragrance of Time.”

A museum where you will meet the founder of the Max Factor company, which opened for the first time in Ryazan at the end of the 19th century:
- Introduction to the fragrances of the Art Nouveau era;
- History of cosmetics and perfumery in Tsarist Russia;
- Create your own scent.

Duration 1 hour.

A private tour is available upon your request. Please check with the administrator for the time, date and cost of the excursion by calling: 8 (4912) 700-005.